Microsoft Office365 and Azure Security

No weak links in your chainmail.

Microsoft Azure (which includes Office365) is one of the most powerful and complicated software systems on the market. It’s a prime target for hackers. If your organization is large enough to be using Azure, we strongly recommend you work with Sittadel to secure it correctly.

Prevent data loss

Categorize data by sensitivity

Restrict employee access

Protect company liability

We are the  easiest way to secure Microsoft.

Ensure your team is prepared for success.

It can be overwhelming to onboard or maintain Microsoft Azure. Are you sure you are taking full advantage of all the features available to you? Sittadel will provide you with consulting, configuration, and security to keep your organization running smoothly. To protect the rest of your organization, we also recommend:

Managed detection and response

Secure email gateways

Routine penetration testing

Protect your Microsoft ecosystem: