Security Awareness Training

Change the culture of security in your organization.

Phishing is the most common form of cybersecurity attack. Hackers will send emails to your employees that, if opened and clicked on, can devastate your company. You should be using a secure email gateway to defeat most phishing attacks. But if one slips through, your employees must be trained to recognize and neutralize them.

Comprehensive phishing email tests

Immediate retraining upon failure

Company and employee performance metrics

The number of phishing emails jumped a staggering 667% in the 2020-onward employee migration to remote work.

Ensure your team is prepared for success.

We teach your team to defend themselves against cybersecurity threats. This saves your firm costs, time, and complexity. After security awareness training, we highly recommend:

Secure email gateways

Managed detection and response

Ongoing training and consulting

Help your employees protect your company: