Secure Email Gateway

Sometimes, we do shoot the messenger.

Email communication continues to be the standard for how businesses communicate with their customers, partners, and themselves. It is the first way hackers will attempt to breach your organization. A secure email gateway (SEG) provided by Sittadel stops malicious emails before they even reach your workstations.

Increased communication safety

Protection for your employees

Constantly evolving defenses

91% of cyber attacks come through email.

The moat around your castle.

This isn’t just “anti-virus” for your email. Our SEG program also includes behavior analysis. If the way an email is written seems suspicious, it is put in a separate portal for review. Using an SEG is the most efficient use of your cybersecurity budget, and it is a great place to start with Sittadel.

Impersonation detection

File attachment scanning

Language analysis

Protect your email: